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Access to WLAN Network "tunet"

Encrypted WLAN access with SSID "tunet" is available for TU-members (students and staff) and for guest and conference accounts.

If for any reason the configuration is not successful you may alternatively use the open WLAN with SSID "tunetguest". Here, although the authentication is secured over SSL (HTTPS via web portal), all traffic will be unencrypted. For sensitive data therefore ensure secure transmission via ssh, ssl, VPN ...

WLAN Access at TU Wien
SSID tunet tunetguest
Login, Authenticationonly via 802.1x (with User-ID@realm and Password)via Web Portal (SSL) (with User-ID@realm and Password)
Encryption 802.1x, WPA2/AES or WPA/TKIP, PEAP (MSCHAPv2), TTLS none
IP-Address: dynamic IP-Address, assignment via DHCP
static IP-Address (for staff with network account and option "static address activated")
* check under
dynamic IP-Address via DHCP

Instructions for encrypted WLAN access for common operating systems.

WLAN Login

(with TU Password)
Student Account, also valid for eduroam
Employees: Network Account, also valid for eduroam
Others: Username@mobil[] Application via Forms or Online Account Management
Guest Accounts:
(limited validity)
Username@mobil[] Application only by Freigabeberechtigte
Conference Accounts:
(limited validity)
YYYYYnnn@conference[] Application only by Freigabeberechtigte