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Encrypted WLAN-Access, Configuration for Windows 7

WLAN-Networks (SSIDs): "tunet" und "eduroam"

Valid Accounts for TU-Members:


The "eduroam" network can be accessed by members of other organisations as well.

The "tunet" network is also available for guest and conference accounts (,

Some manufacturers use their own software for system settings or configuration, please be aware of the differences. The instructions here are for the standard software.

Before establishing the connection you should check the certificate for the server your client is connected to.

In the task bar in the bottom right click on the network symbol, then click on eduroam, or "Connect".
Click "Select or enter additional credentials", and then enter your user name and your password.

Confirm and exit with "OK".

On the security alert click "Connect".

Choose "Public Network". Click "close". You have connected to the eduroam network successfully.

To disconnect from the network click on the network symbol in the task menu in the bottom right, then on "eduroam" and then on "Disconnect".