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Encrypted WLAN-Access, Configuration for Linux Ubuntu

WLAN-Networks (SSIDs): "tunet" und "eduroam"

Valid Accounts for TU-Members:


The "eduroam" network can be accessed by members of other organisations as well.

The "tunet" network is also available for guest and conference accounts (,

Before establishing the connection you should check the certificate for the server your client is connected to.

Choose for example "eduroam" in the network panel.
Choose the root certificate under "CA certificate" (in Ububtu systems you find it under "/etc/ssl/certs/DigiCert_Assured_ID_Root_CA.pem"):
Click "Open".



Then insert (because of security reasons) the following line in the file /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/eduroam (bzw. /tunet) below [802-1x]:;;

After the file has been saved the connection will be made.