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Installation on Android

Requirements: Android 4.3+

Under "Settings [? Account] ? Backup and reset" deactivate the "Back up my data" option, otherwise your password will be saved, unencrypted, and available through Google.

Install the App Eduroam CAT via the Google Play Store. Please make sure you install the official app which is from the GÉANT Association, and not one from a third party.

Click "Install" to install the app, and allow it the required permissions.
Confirm with OK.
Please set either a PIN or a password and ignore the upper field.

Open the app, the configuration should automatically find TU Wien.

Should this not be the case, you can download the configuration file from the eduroam CAT Website

Tap "Install"
Confirm the profile installation with Yes
Input your user data, for employees, for students an, and confirm the install. The eduroam network is now configured and you will be connected provided you are within range.

To be able to use tunet you need to duplicate the eduroam profile:

  1. In the INSTALL tab, open Advanced Options
  2. Switch to the STATUS tab and click Duplicate Profile
  3. Input tunet as the SSID, and confirm with OK.
  4. Switch to the INSTALL tab and in the dropdown menu select SSID tunet.
  5. Finally click on Install, your Username and Password will be imported from the eduroam profile automatically.
  6. The Wlan tunet is now configured.
In the INSTALL tab go to Advanced Options (drop down menu in the top right)
Switch to the STATUS tab, and click Duplicate Profile.
Input tunet as the SSID and click OK to confirm.
Change to tab INSTALL. In the SSID drop down menu choose tunet. Input your user name, for students, for employees Finally klick Install.