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eduroam (Education Roaming)


stands for an international project, which makes the access to the WLAN infrastructure of external educational institutions available to clients using the credentials of their home institution.

eduroam at Vienna University of Technology

Students of participating universities are granted access to the TU WLAN by  using the credentials of their home institution.

Students of the TU Vienna can use their "Student Account".  Employees  can use their Network Account.

TU eduroam-Network:

SSID: eduroam

Access: enabled by the WLAN Hotspots of the Vienna University of Technology.
Areas with WLAN Support

Access Technology:
Login-Authentication: 802.1x exclusively (via User-ID@realm and password)
Encoding: 802.1x, WPA2/AES oder WPA/TKIP, PEAP (MSCHAPv2), TTLS
Notebook with WLAN Adapter and system software supporting 802.1x required!

Configuration Guide (Windows, MacOS, Linux) for 802.1x Authentication

Benutzungsbestimmungen (Rules) of the TU Vienna are  applied  to  the use  of the eduroam service!