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TUNET - Registration, Administration

Before an end device (terminal) can be connected to the net, it must first be registered.

The registration can be done either via email to the hostmaster or by an authorized user request directly in the TUNET database.
Registration (General explanation)

An extract from the name server entries (pseudo Hosts-File) of the TU Vienna offers a quick overview about already registrated systems. This file is for information purposes only and is not a usable replacement for the Name Servers.

Details on how to make requests and questions about different topics:

Name Service - Entries for workstations, firewall protection, servers, printers, .....
Device Registration by email to hostmaster

Hints, Tips and Examples
Creating TUNET-Database Requests 

Activating and configuration of TP-Sockets; TP-Sockets, which are not unlocked, cannot be used!
Activation and configuration of the TP-Sockets

Requests for Subdomains of TU-Departments
Subdomains in TUNET

Notes on the operation of an institute firewall in TUNET
Institute Firewall

Special Name Service entries and external domains, network addresses, subnets, VLANs, ...
Other requests and queries

Allocation of IPv6 address ranges for subnets
IPv6 for institute subnets

Through successful registration the following services are ensured:

Data base entry into the Name Service is taken care of. In case of problems, quick troubleshooting is possible. A unique IP address is assigned to each device. General information is stored in the database.