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Network Account for Employees of the TU Vienna

see also Newsposting (2009-06-08)

What does the Network Account entitle you to?

The Network Account for Employees of the TU Vienna includes authorizations for the use of the following services:

The validation takes place using

Who gets an account, and how?

New employees
or rather employees, who do not have a VPN, WLAN or Dial-in Account yet

Each new employee in the staff of the TU Vienna is automatically assigned an account. "Other Associates", who have an entry in the TISS Address Book can register via the Online Account Management System.

Username:is generated automatically from first name  and surname
Password:initially the  TU Password

The responsible Address Manager will tell you the username and will set your  TU Password (, if it doesn't exist).

Employees with existing Accounts

Each employee, who already has a VPN, WLAN or Dial-in Account, will get an account with the following format:

Username:Username of an existing VPN, WLAN or Dialin Accounts (The username most compatible with the new arrangements is used.)
Password:Password of an existing VPN, WLAN or Dialin Account (Priority in this order, in any event)

How to make changes?

All password changes can be done via Other changes via the "Online Account Management".

How long is the account valid?

When leaving the staff of the TU, your account expires.