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Services for Employees

Help and information: Service Center

TU password

The TU password is the key to many web applications and information systems at TU Vienna.

Address managers can be found in the address book entry of your institute under "additional function".

Electronic Mail

ZID electronic mail service for TU employees:

For new employees an upTUdate account is provided (e-mail and calendar service).

Virus protection and marking of spam mails is provided by the mail servers.

Webmail service is available.

Access to TUNET

The ZID maintains and operates the TUNET, campus-wide wired data network. This network connects all campus facilities through a high-speed backbone and also provides worldwide Internet connectivity.
New computers must be registered within TUNET by the IT contact person of your institute.

Wireless LAN is available in a number of locations throughout the university.

Through the eduroam project access to the WLAN infrastructure of external educational institutions is made available to clients using the credentials of their home institution.

Remote Access

Further information and contact:
TUNET Status
Web: http://www.zid.tuwien.ac.at/tunet/
Mail: trouble@noc.tuwien.ac.at
Tel.: 42003


The main number of the TU is +43-1-58801-0

Further information and contact:
Web: http://www.zid.tuwien.ac.at/tuphone/
Mail: tuphone@zid.tuwien.ac.at
Hotline: 42008

Office Workstations

Support is offered, based on service contracts, only for systems registered within TUNET. Application.

Further information and contact:
Web: http://www.zid.tuwien.ac.at/systempflege/
Mail: pss@zid.tuwien.ac.at


Campus licences for TU employees are available for the most popular operating systems and a great variety of application software at reasonable prices.

Register for a software account.

Further information and contact:
Web: http://www.zid.tuwien.ac.at/campussoftware/

IT Security

Security Policy of TU Vienna.

Please report computer security issues at security@tuwien.ac.at.

Web: http://www.zid.tuwien.ac.at/security/

High Performance Computing

High performance systems and clusters with special software are accessible via TUNET:

TISS Information System


Here you will find information regarding institutes, courses and curricula.

Students and university staff who want to use the personalized functions of TISS can log in using their last name (staff) or registration number (students). The password asked for is the TU password.

Services for Students

see Student Computer Services